Retreat Centre

meditation-CenterOdsal Ling Retreat Centre
Yoedsal Ling retreat centre was built in 2005 by His Eminence Rigo Trulku Rinpoche to nurture the continuity of three inner Tantra of the Ancient School in Tsho Pedma (Lotus Lake), a delightful isolated atmosphere that sublime masters have visited and blessed.

It is the perfect place for: accommodation and relaxation, spontaneous enrichment of cognition, self-governing the from the bustle of worldly affairs and discursive thoughts, freedom from evil existence leading to the realm of liberation, merging into stable contentment, enhancing the power of experience and realization where the eight worldly affairs decease, naturally enhancing virtuous activities and absolutely defying passion and aggression of hope and fear, bestowing and enunciating spiritual assistance by the all-encompassing three root deities and dharma defending and oath-bound protectors.

The surroundings are further beautified by tall trees, sweet-smelling flowers and chirping birds, naturally fashioned in a gesture of offering to facilitate meditation.

Hence, the Tulkus, Khenpos, teachers, and monks from our monastery and Namdroling, together with many other lay practitioners come to this centre for strict retreat to entrust their mind to dharma and practice there, from simple recitation of prayers to the profound generative and completion phases of vajrayana, hoisting the victory flag of meditation. Help and services are constantly provided to the meditators in every possible aspect.