Palyul Choekhorling

Ngagyur Palyul Choekhorling Monastery

Palyul ChoekhorlingThe Venerable Rigo Tulku Rinpoche and Abbot Khenchen Rabgye established Ngagyur Palyul Choekhorling Monastery in Bir in northeast India in 1968 as advised by H.H. Dzonang Ringpoche. Later, Venerable Rigo Tulku Rinpoche bought a piece of land near Ngagyur Palyul Choekhorling Monastery and moved the Ngagyur Palyul Choekhorling Monastery there.
Rigo Tulku Rinpoche built a three-story temple with rooms for monks surrounding the temple. He also built many gilded copper statues of Buddha and other Buddhist deities, gods and goddesses inside the temple.
Then, slowly many young boys from Tibet, India, the Himalayan regions, Bhutan and Nepal started to join Ngagyur Palyul Choekhorling Monastery to become monks, and in 2015 the total number of monks has grown to around three hundred. The monks study and practice Buddhist Dharma and dedicate themselves in upholding, nurturing and propagating the Precious Lord Buddha’s Doctrine.
Ngagyur Palyul Choekhorling is made up of a monastic institute, a monastic school, Tso Pema Zangdog Palri Temple and a retreat center. The monastic institute, the monastic school, the retreat center and Zangdog Palri temple are run by selected senior monks and the main administration of Palyul Choekhorling Monastery under the guidance of Rigo Tulku Rinpoche.
Every month the accountants of the monastery hold a meeting to calculate the expenses and income of Palyul Choekhorling monastery and its branches. The current year’s income and expenses of Palyul Choekhorling Monastery and its branches are announced to all of the monks of the monastery at an end-of-year meeting.