Kunsang Tensing Rinpoche

Kunsang Tensing Rinpoche 10Rigo Tulku Kunsang Tenzin Rinpoche was born in Kham Dege Palyul region in 1985. He was recognized for the reincarnation of Rigo Monastery’s Abbot Kunsang Lothen by Sangay Tsering Rinpoche the incarnation of Kunchen Ngagi Wangpo.

When Tulku Kunzang Tenzin was six, he was enthroned in Kathok Monastery, and he studied Tibetan, writing, and reading and the practices of rituals there. Tulku Kunsang Tenzin had several Nyima traditional empowerments and transmissions from high Lamas there too.

Later, Tulku Kunsang Tenzin had studied both Buddhist Sutra, Mantra and other studies in Palyul Institute for five years.

In 2000, Tulku Kunsang Tenzin came to India, he studied Buddhist philosophy in Rigon Palyul Choekorling Institute for three years.

Later he started to travel to Malaysia, Taiwan, America and founded dharma centers, and he has been doing great services to develop and spread the dharma teachings.

Tulku Kunsang Tenzin sponsored the 27th Nyima World Peace Prayer, and he continues to contribute to the Buddhism and especially Nyima doctrine as much as he can.