Ngagyur Palyul Choekhorling Monastery

Payul-Choekhorling-11To emulate the footsteps and perpetuate the traditional systems of Awareness Holders of Palyul lineage and as per the longing aspiration of His Eminence Rigo Trulku Rinpoche, monks execute The Verses of the Eight Noble Auspicious Ones, Seven Branch, offering to sixteen Arhats at the Tibetan New Year, Vajrasattva sadhana and trillion recitation of Guru mantra on 8th day of 4thmonth. The rituals like Peaceful and Wrathful deities of Karma Lingpa and Long Life practice of Ratna Lingpa during summer retreat is performed for peace and prosperity of the world and its inhabitants.

Ten days Kama sadhana starts from 5th of the 9th month, with root mask dance to consecrate foundation of ground is done followed by offering dance and wrathful dance in last two days and concludes by conducting fire offerings and bestowing empowerment on 15th. At the end of year, Vajrakilaya sadhana, ritual of offerings to avert epidemics and mask dance against evil spirits are being performed.

They perform the prayers of Tara ritual, Rigzin Duepa, offering to guardian deities of Nyingthik and Namchoe, White Parasol, Heart Sutra, Lion-headed, five aspirational prayers daily. Rituals of Lama Rigzin Duepaand Khandro Dechen Gyalmo on the 10th and 25th is performed respectively. Beside it, monks perform ritual for the living and dead ones in local communities.They learn drawing Mandalas, rituals and mudras, using religious objects (blowing trumpet, beating drums and handling cymbals), ritual melodies and mask dances during break time.

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